Gaming Anniversaries June 30- Out Run

Released June 30, 1987- Out Run

Out Run raced to the Sega Master System in Japan on this day in 87′!

The Arcade port of the famous Sega racing game came out on this day 30 years ago.

The Master System port was extremely faithful to the original Arcade version. Playing in an above and over the top view, players would race through several tracks. Each track has its own set of hazards and crazy turns and twists. Additionally, hitting a hazard will cause the car to roll and flip, meaning time lost. Players also race on a time limit extended by checkpoints. Successfully completing each track brings you to the next one. Moreover, there are forks in the road along each one. Causing players to make a sometimes hard decision in the way they might want to go. Becoming a master at this game requires you to know which way to turn and when.

Out Run was famous for its soundtrack and realistic gameplay, and the Master System owned that in full force. Immediately play this game if you’re a fan of the system. You will not regret it.

Plus, check out this awesome Japanese trailer for the game!

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