The Original ‘Crazy Taxi’ is now free on iOS and Android!

You can play Crazy Taxi for free, right now!

The iconic Dreamcast and Arcade game, ‘Crazy Taxi’ is totally free to play right now.  So, you’d be crazy NOT to try it! 

Sega has a little surprise for you. You can play the original Crazy Taxi right now. Just use your smartphone with ZERO dollars down! The game is however ad-supported. So don’t expect a completely free fare.

There’s more, the game also includes the original punk-rock soundtrack that was omitted from other releases of the game. Come on, that almost MADE the game. Who doesn’t love listening to the Offspring while flying through the city doing as many crazy tricks and death-defying stunts you can? The open world over-the-top game was a huge hit and the main reason for many people’s trip to the arcades, or their reason for buying a Dreamcast.

With the only catch being the ads, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it out. However, if you really can’t deal with the ads you can pay a tidy sum of just $2 to remove them. That’s just $2 for full, unfettered access to the awesome driving game.

If you’ve never tried it, now you have no excuse. Are the ads too much though?

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