Opinion: Nintendo Labo Looks Really Neat

Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo!

Nintendo is always full of interesting and unique ideas to get kids gaming. To that end, they announced Nintendo Labo!

Nintendo Labo is a cardboard-based video game. You heard that right, these games will be cardboard based. Clearly aimed at kids, the game will include pieces of pre-cut cardboard that gamers will use to create toys that will connect to the controllers to bring their creations to life.

Kids can create things like piano’s, robots and, fishing rods and all sorts of cool gear. Considering they originally sold you peripherals for the Wii and now you can make them yourself, it’s pretty freaking cool. Nintendo is dubbing your cardboard creations “Toy-Cons” as they connect to the Nintendo Switch using the joy-con controllers.

The most impressive example is clearly the piano. With the aid of the IR camera in the Joy-Con, the game is able to tell exactly what key you pressed on your cardboard instrument and create that sound in-game. This is something completely different, definitely aimed at kids, and definitely unique. In addition to the piano, players can create other neat things to bring their game to life. Such as a Backpack that will when worn, turns the player into a robot, so you can really feel like your smashing down buildings.

This will bring a whole new level to their famous AR line. As clearly, they don’t need VR, they’ve gone the google route, with Cardboard.

Nintendo Labo officially launches on April 20 with two packages available, the game with the piano, and the game with the robot pack. Moreover, they’re encouraging players to create their own cardboard creation to use in Labo. Meaning there is really no end to creativity in Labo. 

Confusion among players

On Twitter, the response has been a bit confused. The game is clearly aimed at kids, and many adult players have been asking “what’s in it for me?”. Well, if you’re feeling creative, this game will give you no end to resources to act on it. Just bring out the kid in you for this game.

Remember that Labo isn’t aimed at the older hardcore audience, just like the Wii-Fit wasn’t aimed at you. Just let Nintendo be, they obviously know what they’re doing.

Will you be picking up Nintendo Labo when it launches in April? Let us know in the comments down below!

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