Gaming Anniversaries September 19- Ōkami

Released September 19, 2006- Ōkami

Ōkami brightened up the North American market on this day in 2006. For the Sony PlayStation 2.

From the team at Capcom that brought us “Viewtiful Joe” comes the beautiful 3D cell shaded game “Ōkami”.

The game takes place in Feudal Japan. Players will take on the role of Ameratsu, a wolf Goddess as she tries to prevent the evil Orochi from taking over. The game is praised for its beautiful visuals. Taking the cell shaded 3D look and combining it to form the look of a Japanese fine woodblock painting. It truly is stunning.

In Ōkami, Ameratsu is armed with a paintbrush that players will use to cut enemies down, create bridges and ultimately restore color and beauty to the world. Additionally, each time an enemy is defeated, the color will be splashed onto the screen. Further to that Ameratsu’s natural life force will be regenerated. Players can also bring up a canvas, allowing them to paint with the celestial brush. Adding new abilities and mechanics to the game.

The game contains large worlds, vast dungeons, and epic battles. To that end, Ameratsu is encouraged to help others along the way. In turn, they will surely help her.  Even people who aren’t fans of the art style will surely find something to enjoy.

Critical Acclaim

Ōkami received an overwhelmingly positive critical response. Scoring over 92% on Game Rankings and winning a number of awards. Ultimately, the game was re-released several times. Once for the Nintendo Wii and again for the PlayStation 3 and once more was released on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as Ōkami HD.

Despite all of these awards and fantastic reviews, the game sold less than 600,000 copies. Making it the least successful game of the year award winner in history. It’s truly a shame because Ōkami is not a game that anyone should miss out on!

What do you think? Ever play it? Let us know down below!

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