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Nintendo Switched the NX’s name to the Nintendo Switch!

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Behold. The Nintendo Switch.

Yesterday Nintendo finally announced the first details on their upcoming console. The Nintendo NX as we knew it (We didn’t), is now the Nintendo Switch.

Along with the new official name. Nintendo announced the release date which we already knew. March 2017. Aligning with other console releases such as the 3DS.  More excitingly, some specs and a price was announced.

Players will be able to pick up a Nintendo Switch at the fairly modest price of just $299. Bundles will also be available at launch at a wallet lightening $399 US.


First off. The Switch is a hybrid home console and a handheld. Sort of an evolution on the Wii U’s GamePad design. The Switch will have a controller you can use at home that then slides over the base of the tablet so you can take your games on the go. A very interesting concept. Be prepared of course to have a case of some sort as the console in the trailer videos shows its just a loose tablet.

Nintendo say’s they will release more detailed specs closer to the consoles launch. However, a number of specs were leaked online.

The Nintendo Switch will have an Nvidia GPU. Very interesting departure from the more common AMD GPU’s found in PlayStation and Xbox Consoles. For that reason, I feel it will be more akin to an Nvidia shield tablet. The official Nvidia website states it will use a custom tegra-processor. With a “GPU based on some the worlds top performing gaming graphics cards”. This is very exciting as Nintendo typically sets the bar a little low for their own consoles in order to beat their competitiors in price and because it more about the games. Now it can be both. The video output will be a stable 60FPS at 1080P and will have support for $K. While 4K is more likely meant for Netflix and video streaming capabilities, its very interesting Nintendo will step out of the gate with it in their new console.

The tablet portion is as yet unknown to have a touch screen. What we do know is that patents for the controller dubbed “Joy-Con” will attach to a controller based device while you’re at home and the tablet will simply slide inside of the home console removing it from view and thus, removing any second screen features from the console. Players often complained about the Wi U’s design simply because it was difficult to watch or read both screens at the same time. Unlike on the 3DS where it became simple and both screens simply melded together in the end.

The Games.

Nintendo hasn’t yet officially released a list of launch titles for the system. We do know that “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will release on the console. They did however release an infographic containing the names of third party publishers expected o support the Nintendo Switch.

Certainly some big names on this list. Bethesda? Yes please. We sincerely hope Nintendo manages to really keep pace with the Nintendo NX, erm, Switch. As this is one device that currently has us salivating for its release. March just can’t come fast enough now.


What are your thoughts on this beautiful new home console/ handheld. Will it manage to live alongside the 3DS or will the 3DS be killed off like the Gameboy before it? Let us know!











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