The Nintendo PlayStation Works! Ben Heck Restored

It’s alive! It’s alive!

The Nintendo PlayStation- first found in an attic about 18 months ago. Has now been restored to full working order thanks to Ben Heck.

It’s been quite a ride for the Nintendo PlayStation. with many doubting its actual existence at the time it surfaced. The system was found in the attic of Terry Diebold by his son Dan Diebold. Diebold goes on to say that his father had acquired the system after his former boss Olaf Olaffson had dissolved his company, Advanta.

Olaffson is the man responsible for the original talks with Nintendo about the creation of a CD based console. Later Nintendo had snubbed Sony in favor of a deal with Phillips. Leading to the creation of the PlayStation. Despite this evidence. Users remained concerned about the authenticity of the system. The Nintendo PlayStation prototype contained both a cartridge and a CD Rom drive. Until it began to get demoed by more famous outlets.

Reportedly about 200 of the consoles were produced and none were found in the wild until that day.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo PlayStation didn’t totally work. While it would play cartridges thanks to the very simple construction of a Super Nintendo unit within, it failed to read disks. Although it did have an OS that appeared functional.

Thanks to Ben Heck. The Nintendo PlayStation lives and now reads disks on CD Rom. Another obscure piece of gaming history is restored.

Check out this video for more!

Source: NintendoLife

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