My Nintendo isn’t really Your Nintendo anymore.

My Nintendo

Starting strong, but closing out the year fairly weak

Club Nintendo offered some great rewards. My Nintendo just can’t compete.

After the closure of Club Nintendo in June of 2015, many gamers were left feeling slighted by the loyalty program responsible for bringing many great exclusive products over 6 years. Nintendo promised to bring a new better loyalty program to its players. Queue My Nintendo.

My Nintendo is a new loyalty program Nintendo released alongside the release of their mobile app Miitomo. Rewarding players for not just using the app, but also for making digital purchases on the Wii U and 3DS E-shop. Unlike Club Nintendo which offered physical goods such as puzzles and calendars, exclusive statues and special prints of games; My Nintendo offers discounts and digital games along with exclusive themes or hats for characters on Miitomo.

My Nintendo: Beginnings

In the beginning, My Nintendo offered some pretty cool rewards. Sign in every week and get some coins for your platinum coin bank. Players can spend those on discounts on games and Miitomo purchases or make a digital purchase on the E-shop and earn Gold Coins to redeem towards free games or bigger discounts. It seems those days have passed us. The service now seems to offer only discounts on games. It seems you cant get anything for free anymore. Signing in today you can grab 30% off games like Earth Bound or Fire Emblem. The original games redeemable on either the Wii U or the 3DS by using your gold points. Redeeming more platinum points for assorted discounts on games like Kirby Super Star or Yoshi’s Story.



My Nintendo doesn’t yet match the quality and caliber of the Club Nintendo service that preceded it. I will remain cautiously optimistic things may get better in the coming months. Part of me feels that once the Nintendo Switch is released, My Nintendo will be canned and replaced by something else. Only time will tell.


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