Nintendo Designer Genyo Takeda Retiring

So long, Genyo Takeda!

Nintendo hardware and software designer Genyo Takeda announced yesterday he will be retiring from the company as Company Director effective in June.
Genyo Takeda brought some amazing things to the video game industry.

His career included inventing the analog stick for the Nintendo 64. (Clearly, he was the man who thought most people had three hands). Helping to define how games would be played today.  Additionally, during his 46-year tenure with Nintendo, he designed games such as Punch-Out!!! on the NES as well as Pilot Wings. Takeda was also instrumental in developing the battery save for the Legend Of Zelda also.

As of this writing, it’s unclear whether Takeda will be taking a smaller role at Nintendo, or stepping down completely. Filling his boots as Company Director will be Ko Shiota, current head of Nintendo’s Platform Technology Development Division and hardware lead on Wii U.One thing is for sure. Shiota has some big boots to fill to fit into this role.

More on this story is expected in the coming weeks. Keep checking for more!




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