netflix game

Netflix developed a video-game. Its not terrible.


Netflix has made itself a new home on the internet via its FlixArcade.

An interesting new flash game has made its debut online. Not like its anything new. Flash games have been around for ages now. But this one was developed by Netflix and its hosted on a site calling itself Flix Arcade.

Its an auto runner game like so many others featuring characters from different Netflix shows such as Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Piper from the popular Orange is the New black, Marco Polo from…Marco Polo and Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things.

But what is it?

The game has you running and jumping to collect different items from the series. Such as bars and swords used as Power ups to cause invincibility. Set based on the character you choose and which series they’re from.  Here’s hoping we see plenty more from its FlixArcade menu so we have something new to play while we binge watch the series’ in question.

The game is simply called “Netflix Infinite Runner”. I guess a company as big as them doesn’t really need a strong marketing team behind them to name these things. Aptly named none the less.

Should you wish to try this out for yourself, you can find it right HERE

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