NES Prototype for Earthbound Found!

A prototype for Earthbound discovered at a garage sale!

Out of all the luck, someone can have, this is the luckiest. A fellow retro gamer/comedian finds an NES Prototype for Earthbound

A man by the name of Jacob Christopher has recently discovered a prototype for the unreleased and iconic game Earthbound.

Christopher states he found the game approximately three weeks and independently made attempts to verify the game. Not believing what he had found and purchased. The cartridge was later verified by a few folks working on the documentary “From Mother to Earth” were able to ascertain its authenticity. They had revisited the location of this garage sale and discovered that the previous owner’s name was “Barbara” and she was, in fact, a senior buyer for Nintendo. Barbara was in charge of a team known as “GC6”. Purchasing licenses and games and had acquired this prototype in the 80’s. What’s more, is the game is in a completely English translated playable state, with the original save files. presumably from folks working at Nintendo.

The NES Prototype for Earthbound has the words “To Earth” written on the back of the cartridge. The front, however, appears to be a laser cut copy of Zelda II with a large board inside. Completely exposed to the elements. Christopher’ goes on to say he had to place some electrical tape over the chips in order to save the cartridge. This is truly amazing as the NES version of Earthbound had never seen a US release. Truly one lucky find, especially in what Christopher says was a stack of common games.

People out there say there are NO good finds left at garage sales, well this just proved everyone wrong.

You can watch the video by Immortal John Hancock below!


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