NES Classic Edition Dissapointment

Did you get your hands on the NES Classic?

NES Classic Edition was released on November 11 and turned out to be a big disappointment to fans all across the country.  As folks lined up all at every electronics store and Walmart only to be told their were none left. In some cases hours before stores had opened, they were already sold out.

Amazon announced they’d be selling the system at 2 pm PST bringing the site down and stripping the Nintendo Classic Edition straight from my cart before I could hit pay. This was at 2:01 PM and continued for quite some time.

Nintendo’s own Facebook and Twitter account revealed that they hadn’t expected such huge demand. Promising that there will be plenty more for everyone over the holidays and into the new year. The damage however is done. Scalpers have taken over the market and have now flooded eBay and Amazon along with many other online retailers commanding such insane prices as over $1000.

Retailers Short shipped?

According to several online outlets. The NES classic edition was short shipped to retailers. Many big store getting as like as 5% of their total order. Many receiving no second controller units, allowing them to command even higher prices than the system

Now, Nintendo is no stranger to this practice. They shoot conservatively for their launches. Fans may remember the launch of the Wii console that created a false rarity. Of course Nintendo made more in that case, so many more it went down as the one of the best selling consoles in history. Can they repeat this without being damaged by the pre-holiday rush for something that equates to a toy?

I know one thing for sure. I will not be paying the prices being commanded online by third party sellers. My prediction is on black Friday we’ll see these back in stock all over the place. I will have my fingers crossed anyway.

The NES Classic Edition has become this years hot item for the holidays. (Right next to Hatchimals) Nintendo hyped this thing up since they first announced it several months ago and have deemed “grossly” that November 11 will be Nintendo Day. (Remembrance day  / Veterans Day- which it will continue to be known as. Sorry Nintendo)

Sadly, fans weren’t able to get one.  Hopefully they come out with plenty more, plenty fast and I will soon be enjoying the NES Classic Edition along with the rest of the fans out there.

Did you manage to snag one on release day?

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