N64 Classic Edition Wishlist!

What We’d Love to See on an N64 Classic Edition!

Sure, the SNES Classic Edition just came out. But we’re gamers, we’re always looking forward to the next big thing. Or looking backward at what we’d like to see on the next old thing? So here is a list of 15 games that we want to see on the N64 Classic edition!

The first one is an obvious choice. Most people loved it. It was many players first taste of the N64, and that game is Super Mario 64. With the beloved plumber jumping back and forth into paintings to once again save Princess Peach and of course, the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser! It’s hard to deny this one entry onto a new classic system.


What would an N64 Classic Edition be without a Legend Of Zelda game? Our second choice is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! This is the title that sold more Nintendo 64 units that Nintendo could have dreamed of. Sure, most retro gamers have this one on their shelf ready to go at any time, but it absolutely needs to be on the N64 Classic Edition!


Our third choice is Goldeneye. Because well, we’re dreamers. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t seem likely, as Rare is now a Microsoft studio and licensing can be a real bitch right? But what fun it would be to huddle around the screen with an HD version of Goldeneye to play on your new classic system!


For number 4 we picked Mario Party 2. Because Mario party 1 would quickly obliterate the controller’s joystick. Not to mention your hands in the process. Mario Party 2 is another beloved title worthy of being on the system and the advantage of four players cant be overlooked! It would bring the N64 Classic into something the whole family can enjoy!


Number 5 is another obvious choice. Mario Kart 64. Once again, the appeal of having another 4 player game on the system cant be overlooked. Moreover, a 4 player racing game in one of Nintendo’s best series!


We went against the grain for number 6 and chose Pokemon Stadium. We know it won’t be quite as cool to not have the original Pokemon games and pump in your own party to battle your friends. But what if, maybe, just maybe, Nintendo included Pokemon Blue and Red as an easter egg in the game? Similar to how they handled Starfox 2 on the SNES Classic Edition?


Paper Mario is our 7’th. Mostly because every classic system needs a good portion of great RPG’s. And Paper Mario NEEDS to be on this thing.


As we round up to number 8, we chose Mario Tennis. Others may fight us on this choice, but Mario Tennis brought us the Mario Sports Series. We feel this one is obvious too!


Sin and Punishment hit our number 9. Sure, its a scrolling shooter, but so far this list has no shooting games. Plus it’s a great title and one that could easily fill in a list of other greats right? Right? Personally, I love Sin and Punishment. it’s definitely deserving of the top ten spots!


Conkers Bad Fur Day. Again we know this one was a Rare game and is highly unlikely to hit the N64 Classic Edition. Still, we dream. Of course, it probably wouldn’t fly on a family friendly game system like this today. Number 10 it is for this one!

Number 11? Yeah, it’s Bomberman 64. Another fantastic multiplayer game where players lay down bombs and avoid others. it’s hard to deny this one on the N64 Classic Edition. We’ll see what unfolds.


We dropped in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards at number 12. THis list needs a good kid-friendly game and one to unwind with after playing some intense matches of Mario Kart or Bomberman 64! Its cute aesthetics and the fact that Kirby has appeared on the previous Classics system make it another obvious choice for the system!


Donkey Kong 64 slaps into number 13. Although not highly regarded, is still another great foray into the world of Kongo Bongo and our beloved simian heroes!


Flying into number 14 is Star Fox 64. Because the N64 Classic Edition definitely needs a donkey screaming “Do a Barrel Roll!” every 12 seconds. Well, we actually liked this one. And many others did too! Number 14 couldn’t look better!

Last but definitely not least, number 15 on our list of must-have games on the N64 Classic Edition is Super Smash Bros. This game was one of the most iconic games to ever start on the N64 and definitely needs to be on it!


We felt it was safe to assume that Nintendo wouldn’t pile a ton of games onto this thing. If it was to happen, therefore we chose 15. The NES Classic Edition had 30, the SNES had 21. 15 seems like it would be a fair number. Plus, the amount of gameplay just from these awesome titles alone would make the whole system worth it.

What are some of your must-have games on an N64 Classic Edition? Let us know in the comments below!





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