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Gaming Anniversaries August 29- Monster Hunter Freedom 2

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Released August 29, 2007- Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 slashed its way to the North American market on this date in 2007. For the PSP.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the updated version of Monster Hunter Freedom added several new things to the original PSP game. Such as a new Downloadable missions menu. This allowed players to download new mission that was released over a period of time. Additionally, this version added new monsters and removed some features from the previous PSP entry. Allowing it to feel a little better in its portable format.

Players will take on the role of a hunter, who arrives to work for a village. Completing hunting quests, destroying monsters who threaten it and even collecting Ore for the villagers. The game is actually really addicting to me at least. Who personally logged hundreds of hours into the series. Moreover, upon completing some quests, players will be rewarded with parts of monsters they can use to forge better weapons and armor. Making for a rewarding gameplay experience as they take out new more deadly monsters.

The game was widely successful in the Japanese market. Unfortunately, in the US, support was scarce. Players just weren’t that into the portable version of the game they only saw one of on the PlayStation 2 console. However, in the Japanese market, the game was a phenomenon. Known in that region as Monster Hunter Portable: 2’nd, the game sold over 12.5 million units.

The game gets the honor of sharing a release date with Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Nintendo Switch!

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