Coleco Is Relaunching Mini-Arcades!

Coming Soon to a Store Near You- Coleco Mini-Arcades!

Back in the 80’s, Nintendo had their Game and Watch line of popular handheld games, along with a few small-scale table tops. However, none of these could match the line produced by Coleco.

Coleco came out in the 80’s with classics in a table-top format with games like Pac-Man among others. Unfortunately, though, that was in the 80’s, and some of these games are quite rare at this time.

The good news is thanks to a press email sent to us (admittedly a while ago now-Thanks spam filter) they are bringing some back.

While it’s not known yet which games are coming down the pipes, the only one confirmed is Robotech and it seems to be a GBA port of the game, it’s still pretty exciting to think that in 2018, we can have these available in stores once again.

Sure, other companies have come out with various mini retro-arcade style games, such as Basic Fun with their recent lineup, it seems that Coleco will be giving these the full retro look and feel we’d come to expect as retro gamers.

Additionally, some of the specs mentioned by Coleco are pretty cool, USB Charging for the Lithium-ion battery inside (yay no AA foolishness!) as well as some more key points


  • Durable plastic
  • Classic design
  • High-Res display
  • enhanced controls

I for one am pretty excited about this. Sadly, no release date was specified besides “This year” and the official website says about the same. In fact, the site says even less about these units than the email did. Still, they said it was coming this year. Think November might be a good bet?

Let us know what you think of the Coleco gambit to stay relevant in the comments below!

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