Gaming Anniversaries August 15- Metroid

Released August 15, 1987- Metroid

Metroid blasted into the North American market on this day in 87. For the NES.

Metroid is an action adventure game unlike any other in this era.

Players will control Samus in her power suit as she blasts through an Alien base finding her way through a maze of spectacular proportions. Along the way, Players will be faced with many enemies, learn new abilities and finally, crush the evil Mother Brain that is controlling the mother base. Thus, saving the universe.

The game takes place in the future, during a war with the Galactic Federation and Pirates known as Zebes. The Zebes have stolen an unknown life form and have kept it in suspended animation on the planet SR388. They dubbed this being “Metroid”. Research of the “Metroid” indicates that it is the reason for the complete destruction of SR388. And if it ever got loose, would be the downfall of the entire universe.

It’s up to Samus to stop it from being released.

The game takes place over one very long maze like screen. Making for a lot of trial and error for players without a Nintendo Power subscription or the internet. Navigating it is the hard part as Samus, with her power suit is able to quickly evade enemies and blast them to smithereens. Some power-ups throughout the game also give Samus the ability to turn into a ball and roll under obstacles or jump even higher to get over others.

How was it received?

The game received some of the highest praise of any Nintendo game. It was also lauded for being one of the first video games to feature a female protagonist. Although, players didn’t actually discover that Samus was a female until the very end of the game. Which to me was quite brilliant.

Metroid was ultimately named one of the top 200 games of all time. It spun off into several sequels and is still being produced today. In fact, at E3 2017, Nintendo announced two brand new entries for the series. One on the 3DS and one for the Nintendo Switch console.

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