Gaming Anniversaries January 2- Metal Warrior 3

Released January 2, 2001- Metal Warrior 3

Metal Warrior 3 slammed the North American market on this day in 2001. For the Commodore 64!

The Commodore 64 is one of the oldest home computers on the market. Released in North America in August of 1982 as a multitasking machine for business and personal use, it quickly gained ground in the home video game market. In all that time, one would expect development to stop shortly after release. However, because of Commodores install base, indie developers and other companies continued to developed games for it.

Metal Warriors 3 hit 19 years after the computers initial release. As the third installment in a long-running series, the game features action adventure type gameplay, with 6 playable characters. Each of them, a member of a metal band.

In Metal Warriors 3 the members are attacked at their secluded retreat after a night of heavy drinking, by a special ops force bent on taking down the “Enemies of the state”. To that end, they kidnap three of the band’s members and destroy the cabin. Only one member makes it out alive, Goat.  Now it’s up to Goat to track down his friends and collect experience, explore detailed environments and make new friends along the way!

The game also features a heavy metal soundtrack, that doesn’t go in a loop. In fact, there is a whole soundtrack separately available. Music from the game even appeared in the dance rhythm game Stepmania.

Have you tried Metal Warrior 3? Or even another game in the series? Let us know in the comments down below!

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