Gaming Anniversaries October 13- Metal Gear Solid VR Missions

Released October 13, 1999- Metal Gear Solid VR Missions

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions snuck into the North American market on this day in 99′. For the Sony PlayStation.

VR Missions is a pure cash in on the success of Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation. That said, however, its actually a pretty fun game. Albeit a little frustrating at times.

In the game, players will play as the iconic Solid Snake as he makes his way through training exercises. Make sure not to be spotted by the enemy or engage them to be able to complete each mission. Some missions will require you to sneak up behind enemies, simply avoid them or neutralize them. Additionally, there are several mystery missions and puzzles to solve.

The game includes 300 missions and is considered a bit of a sequel to the original game. Or an add-on to some degree. There is no story, so players shouldn’t expect it the game to be canon in any way. After the release of Metal Gear Solid 2, the game became a little more sought after. As MGS2 references VR Missions quite a bit. This may have led to some confusion. But what about the MGS universe doesn’t?

The game controls exactly the same as the original. Meaning it can be a little cumbersome at times. However, after playing through it, and going back to the original, players may find their skill has increased substantially.

Although not directly connected to the franchise in any truly meaningful way. Metal Gear Solid VR Missions sold over 1.8 million copies worldwide. Making it yet another huge success for Konami and the Metal Gear series as a whole.

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