Gaming Anniversaries April 24- Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel

Released April 24 2000 for the GameBoy Color- Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel

Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel was released first in North America on April 24 2000. The game continues similar game play to the 1990 MSX2  game Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake with the same top down view and the Metal Gear story you’d expect from the franchise.

The game has the player (Solid Snake) infiltrating an enemy base, in this case The Gindra Liberation Front (or GLF). In order to retrieve the Metal Gear Prototype Gander, and stop nuclear war.

Featuring several different game modes. Including a multiplayer “Battle Mode” requiring two copies of the game as well as a link cable to play. A VR Training mode and a Stage Select mode. So that the player can go back to different stages in order to achieve a higher score.

The game uses elements from Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation and its game play elements were later used in many later entries in the series.

Additionally, Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel was the first game in the series to appear on a portable console.



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