Gaming Anniversaries July 7- Metal Gear (MSX)

Released July 7, 1987- Metal Gear

Metal Gear released on this day in 87′ for the Japanese market. For the MSX computer exclusive to the region.

The MSX version of Metal Gear is considered as superior to the NES version. From having better graphics to better playability. Likely due to the power of the MSX computer.

The game has you playing as Snake, an operative for the unit known as Fox Hound. Snakes mission is to infiltrate Outer Heaven to learn more about a new weapon. Additionally, Snake must rescue one of Fox Hounds captured operatives known as Gray Fox. To that end, players must collect weapons and enemies, as well as avoid enemies.  Moreover, no matter what Snake does, he must defeat the bosses from Outer Heaven’s elite forces in order to increase in player rank and gain more health. Players have a transceiver to communicate with the commander Big Boss and to communicate with others working covertly within Outer Heaven.

The game spawned a whole generation of games in the Metal Gear series. Including several sequels, prequels, and spin-offs.

The MSX version of the game was only released outside of Japan in later iterations, such as Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence.

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