Gaming Anniversaries July 22- Mega Man V

Released July 22, 1994- Mega Man V (GameBoy)

Mega Man V blasted to the Japanese market on this date in 1995. For the Nintendo GameBoy.

One of the greatest games in the Mega Man series. Mega Man V hit the Gameboy in 1994.

You may remember Mega Man V on the NES. This version actually wasn’t a straight port of that one. Capcom decided to feature unique bosses instead of just recycling them from the NES version. To that end, the game features a story and brand new levels.

In the story, Mega Man (Rockman) and his sister Roll are taking a nice quiet stroll through a meadow. Enjoying the peace and quiet. Suddenly, they get attacked by an evil robot named Terra, who informs them that a team of soldiers known as StarDroids are coming to conquer the Earth! Mega Man takes a stab at fighting them off, but he is no match! He is defeated.

Later, he awakens to the sight of Dr.Light. He informs Mega Man that the StarDroids are winning. The Earth is almost theirs. However, Dr.Light was analysing their weaponry and power. And built a new upgrade for Mega Man known as the Mega Arm. Equipped with this new gadget, Mega Man should have no problem taking down the StarDroids!

The gameplay is similar to other games in the series. However, instead of simply blasting enemies with his arm cannon, Mega Man can now power up his Mega Arm and it will detach, dishing out massive firepower against foes. Additionally, the bosses and stages are named and detailed after the planets of the Solar System, instead of the standard Mega Man naming convention of their powers. Instead of bosses like “Gravity Man”, you find enemy bosses like “Mercury”

Overall, Mega Man V on the GameBoy isn’t terribly different from other games in the series. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. Most of the games are. And we still highly recommend this one!

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