Gaming Anniversaries August 28- Mario Tennis

Released August 28, 2000- Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis smashed into the North American market on this day in 2000. For the Nintendo 64!

In Mario Tennis, players choose one of their favourite characters from the Mario series of games and take on various tennis challenges!

There are multiple modes in the game, including ring shot and even tennis with bombs! What?! Yes. Tennis with bombs! Plus Ya know, normal everyday match games of tennis! There is a total of 20 characters to choose from in Mario Tennis, but not at the beginning. Characters can be unlocked through regular play. Additionally, some characters can only be unlocked by transferring them from the Nintendo Gameboy version. Making it one of the few games that utilize the peripheral best known for Pokemon Stadium. Further, Nintendo brought out a brand new character for the game in the form of Waluigi! An obvious rival to Luigi, similar to Wario being a rival to Mario.

Each character comes as a part of a set and has different abilities. Such as power, speed, and trick shots. This makes for some nice varied gameplay throughout.

The controls are tight and feel great to play. Making Mario Tennis an exceptional game for the N64. As far as sports titles go anyway. Ultimately, the game received some awesome scores and sold very well worldwide. Critics frequently praised the graphics and nice, easy pick-up and play control scheme.

Of course, this allowed for the Mario Sports series to flourish, with the latest new entry released in 2015 as Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. Sadly though, this one didn’t do so hot. Receiving aggregate scores of just 58% overall.

We strongly recommend a good game of Mario Tennis if you’re into light, fun and exciting sports games. Especially ones that feature your favorite characters!

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