Mario on iOS? That’s crazy talk. Here’s Super Mario Run!

Or is it? Queue Super Mario Run

Crazy talk? Apparently not. The Big N announced today that users will soon see a version of Super Mario on their iOS devices. It will be in the form of an endless runner. Super Mario Run is pretty much the perfect format for a guy like me who holds down the B button and simply guns it to the end of the level.

Super Mario Run should be out by this holiday season for the low, low price of nothing! Later the game will be ported to devices of the Android variety.  I can’t imagine what kind of in app purchases will have to be made in order to continue the super experience of Super Mario Brothers on your phone… But let’s see what they can come up with.

It is my opinion that Nintendo is really taking its mobile push seriously. Plus, this game actually looks like a lot of fun. It will feature the same graphics users have come to enjoy from the New Super Mario Bros format. To be quite honest, I’m excited for this.

Enjoy this game play trailer while you wait for the release!

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