Gaming Anniversaries May 6- Mario Party 3

Released May 6’th, 2001- Mario Party 3

Released on May 6’th, 2001 for the Nintendo 64 system. Mario party 3.

Developed by Hudson, makers of classics like Adventure Island and Bomberman. Mario Party 3 was a multi player party game. Most everyone knows the Mario Party games. Most of us because we’ll never forget the scars on our palms after Mario Party 1.

Players can choose several modes of gameplay including Battle Royale and Duel Modes as well as a new story mode.

The game is also the first to introduce two new characters to the series. Waluigi and Princess Daisy. Waluigi being found in the Mario Tennis series as Luigi’s rival and Princess Daisy being found in the Super Mario Land series on the GameBoy.

The game also featured 70 new minigames from the two previous entries and is a staple in any Mario Party library.

Mario Party 3 is still commanding a high price on eBay. With recent sales for about $40 loose and up to $150 complete.

You can check out the cool Japanese commercial for the game right here!


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