Gaming Anniversaries Aug 1- Mario Paint

Released August 1, 1992- Mario Paint

Mario Paint hit the North American market on this day in 1992. For the Super Nintendo.

Mario Paint brought the joys of MS Paint to the Super Nintendo. Allowing players to use their creativity with a cool mouse peripheral for their home console. Additionally included in the game was a sound composer. Using unique 16-bit sounds to create music that often sounded great when people got the hang of it. There was also a fun point and click game called “Gnat Attack”. In “Gnat Attack” players would use the mouse and click around as fast as possible to stop flies, hornets and robotic boss insects from invading the screen.

Personally, “Gnat Attack” is one part I found fairly difficult and addicting. The difficulty ramped up exceptionally fast, however it did not seem to hurt how fun it felt!

Mario paint included the mouse and mouse pad peripherals at launch. Finding them together with the game now will usually cost around $20. However, the mouse is a good investment. Many games were released with support with my personal favorite being “Arkanoid Doh it Again” But I digress.

The game ended ups selling very well and is still enjoyed today. Which is clear as Hyperkin has just released a brand new Mouse peripheral for the console. In case your original is beatn from overuse or neglect.

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