Gaming Anniversaries November 17- Mario Kart Double Dash

Released November 17, 2003- Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash sped into the North American market on this day in 2003. For the Nintendo GameCube!

Mario Kart Double Dash is my favorite Mario Kart Game. It brought with it the classic Mario Kart gameplay with some exciting new twists.

In Double Dash, players will choose to ride with TWO characters! Meaning double the power-ups and double the fun! Yeah yeah, that’s cliche. Sorry bout it’.

This version is much more focused on pseudo co-op gameplay. Each character you have will have specific power-ups. Such as giant Koopa Shells and Chain Chomps that will speed you through a level. A la bullet bill style. Much of the challenge of the game relies on knowing exactly the moment when to switch characters and activating the special power-ups. Moreover, in a special two-player mode, one of you can be driving the kart and the other can be tossing out bananas and other power-ups. To switch up the gameplay, switch places in the kart. Similar to how Donkey Kong Country  let you tag-team between DK and Diddy Kong!

Above all of these awesome features, Double Dash allowed you to connect up to 8 GameCube consoles together for some serious LAN parties! What could be better? Nintendo sadly didn’t reuse the awesome features found in this one. So, if ever you find yourself in the mood for a different Mario Kart experience, Double Dash is the one you should be playing.

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