Gaming Anniversaries October 22- LSD

Released October 22, 1998- LSD

LSD was released into the Japanese market on this day in 1998. For the Sony PlayStation.

LSD is a surrealistic exploration game played in the third person perspective exclusively for the PlayStation.

The game takes place throughout various dreamscapes. Each one is considered an Upper, Downer, Dynamic or Static and each one giving the same strange feelings that real dreams may give you.

Players wander around the dreams, for seemingly no reason in particular. Additionally, when in one dream, players may bump into something. Instantly transporting them into another dream. Furthermore, dreams can be cut short by falling off cliffs or finding yourself in other dangerous situations. At this point, the player will “Wake up” and a graph will be displayed. indicating the type of dream they’ve just had.

Each dream can last up to ten minutes, and by linking more dreams with other people in the dream environment, can be extended or reduced.

Later in the game, a new option will appear called “Flashback”. Allowing players to replay some dreams. This mode lasts about 2-4 minutes and has the same effects as regular dreams.

LSD is totally bizarre. I can’t say I’ve played anything like it. It was relatively unknown outside of the Japanese markets until more recently. Sadly, it was never released outside the region either. Possibly due to Western sensibilities regarding their dreams. I can kind of imagine someone with a real “What does my dream mean?” type of book trying to play this one. Oh boy!

If you’ve ever played LSD, leave your thoughts in the comments below to help inform others!


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