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Looking for some obscure classics? Perhaps Lost Classics can help!

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Lost Classics produces high-quality Repros and even some Homebrew on carts!

If you’re a retro collector, sometimes it’s near impossible to find the game you want. Perhaps it’s something that was never produced in English.

In either case, Lost Classics seems to have you covered. They produce some reproductions of some Japan exclusive games fully translated and playable on the system you loved! Their selection ranges all the way from the Atari 2600 to the Genesis!

They also sell mods, to make your old consoles look even better on your TV. Such as the Composite AV mod for the NES top loader. Who needs RF anyway?

Lost Classics also assists in building your collection of even NEW NES and SNES/Genesis games. Homebrew games can be pretty fun. Notably, they carry The Legend of Zelda Goddess of Wisdom and Parallel Worlds. A couple of games you should probably add to your collection. What’s more, each game is made on order and they don’t harm any original games in the process. You can always tell a Lost Classics repro cart because it’s stamped with a different code. One that you won’t find on the original cards.

For the NES collector, it can be a dream. So many games weren’t released in either the US or Europe. Games like Sweet Home, which is credited as being the first Survival Horror game and the inspiration for Resident Evil. Fully Translated in English! Additionally, each cart also comes with a nice box and even a manual. The catalog is fairly nice. Keep in mind that shipping of your game may take a little while as they produce each game on your order.

To view what they have to beef up your collection, you can visit https://www.lostclassicvgs.com/

*I know that Lost Classics has been around for some time now. Others may not! Please share it around!


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