Gaming Anniversaries July 31- Lode Runner

Released July 31, 1984- Lode Runner

Lode Runner found its way to the Japanese market on this day in 1984. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Lode Runner is a fantastic maze type puzzle game in the vein of, well Lode Runner. Nothing really compares.

The story of this excellent puzzle game is that the Bungeling Empire has stolen all the gold from its rightful owners. Your mission is to infiltrate the treasury and steal it all back. Along the way, you’ll avoid robotic enemies sent in to guard the gold. Trapping them in various locations in order to escape with it.

The goal is to collect all of the gold thro0ugh each level without getting caught. Each level will increase in difficulty and test your skills to its limit. Lode Runner is one of the first games to also include a level editor. A feature that shows amazingly well for a game of this era.

The game featured masterful gameplay and fun, simple mechanics that kept players going. The title is a favorite with top names in the games industry. Like Alexey Pajitnov, creator of Tetris. He said of the game, “My favorite for many, many years. Every level was a real puzzle with its own mechanics, its own dynamics, its own kind of solution. … I can’t imagine any other game with such inventive and unusual design.”

The game has received a number of re-releases and upgrades over the years. The latest being Lode Runner Legacy that released just this year!

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