Gaming Anniversaries September 5- LocoRoco

Released September 5, 2006- LocoRoco

LocoRoco twisted into the North American market on this day in 2006. For the Sony PSP!

LocoRoco is a game about being a blob, turning into bigger blobs and saving yourself from being eaten! You see, a meteor has landed on their home planet, bringing with it an alien force who want to feast on the poor LocoRoco! Pretty soon, they’re almost extinct. It’s up to the player to repopulate the planet of these cute little blobs once again and put an end to their nightmare.

The game is extraordinarily unique. Instead of controlling the characters, players will control the world. Using the L and R buttons on the PSP system to twist and turn the world, guiding the spherical characters to safety. Hitting both buttons at the same time will cause the world to bounce, making the LocoRoco bounce with it to simulate jumping. While other buttons on the system will perform an action, none is more important than the circle button, which causes the characters to assimilate, becoming one giant mass!

The game was a fairly large commercial success, and for good reason, it’s soundtrack and whimsical graphics alone were enough to keep people playing, but the new and interesting gameplay mechanics is what pulls you into the world. It’s very easy to pick and play a few rounds of the game. Additionally, it seems to feed itself to you in bite sized chunks of the game, making for the perfect handheld game to play during a quick break or while watching TV.  Really, at the time, it was the best mobile game before mobile games!

LocoRoco has since seen a sequel and even a recent remastered version on the PS4 system.

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