The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Gaming Anniversaries July 19- The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

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Released July 19, 1991- The Legend of The Mystical Ninja.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja hit the Japanese market on this date in 1991. For the Super Famicom.

Known in Japan as “Go For it Goemon! The Scroll of the Snow Princess”, The Legend of the Mystical Ninja is one of the greatest games on the Super Famicom. In my humble opinion.

The game stars the characters Goemon and Ebisu-Maru. AKA Kid Ying and Dr. Yang in the US version. They’re just enjoying some time at peace when they hear of strange spirits taking control of the villagers and attacking the temples. It’s up to Goemon to get to the bottom of this. Leading the pair on an adventure all across Japan!

The game is a co-op players dream. In two player mode, the two characters will attack and run independently while remaining on the same screen. This allows for some fun tag team gameplay. After a player takes down an enemy, they will usually drop an item. It could be either a coin to buy things at the shop or to play mini games or a power up to increase the length of attack power. Additionally, there are Women who will wander across the screen. Hitting them will cause you to lose some coins, but running into them will gain some more. At the end of each village, the game becomes a side scrolling platform type game, leading to many tough enemies and testing your skill at the end with a boss character. Upon defeating a boss, they will usually send you off with a hint to your next locale.

The mini games are also fun and addicting. There are a few types including a Whack a Mole type game and even a reasonable version of Air hockey.

If you grew up neglecting to play The Legend of The Mystical Ninja, definitely give it a shot. As I stated earlier, it’s easily one of the best games on the Super Famicom/ Super Nintendo. And don’t you owe it to yourself?

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