Gaming Anniversaries April 18- Legend of Kage

Released for the Famicom in Japan on April 18 1986- Legend of Kage

Released in 1986 by Taito. The Legend of Kage

Endowing players with a short sword and an unlimited number of ninja stars to fight your way through the game.

Featuring extremely high jumps and multiple levels with different game play types. Including side scrolling and vertical scrolling. Some levels are even designed to not kill any enemies at all!

Legend of Kage is a fairly short game. Players can beat it in less than an hour like many other games of its time. The challenge is in doing it however as the game ramps up in difficulty fairly quickly. Still, there are only five levels to play through with increasing and decreasing amounts of difficulty.

The game was an instant classic in its first release on the Famicom, following the arcade release in 1985. Developer Taito did several re-releases of the game in the years to come. A remake entitled The Legend of Kage 2 for the Nintendo DS in 2008.



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