Gaming Anniversaries August 6- Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shūgo

Released August 6, 1993-  Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shūgo

Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shūgo threw itself into the Japanese market on this day in 93′. For the Super Famicom.

The successor to the cult classic game “Super Dodge Ball” on the system. Unfortunately, this one only saw a release in Japan.

The game features the Kunio characters from the River City Ransom titles. Known as Alex and Cooney in North American releases.  Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shūgo continues the story of the “World Dodgeball Tournament”. In which several teams from around the world face off in an epic side scrolling dodgeball tournament.

The game uses similar mechanics to other sports games. Players will take control of whatever character has the ball at the time. Characters are able to execute special moves as well. Such as Homing Throws which will knock out an enemy.

The game, being a sequel to Super Dodge Ball, also includes some additional new features. such as taking your performance score and allowing you to purchase power ups to enhance your level of play. Additionally, you can create your own teams and add or drop players and even lure players from the opponents team to join yours. Further, the game supports the multitap peripheral for the Super Famicom. Allowing you to play with up to 4 people locally.

Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shūgo was very well received. And it is very sad that it never made it to North American shores. Translated versions are available of course if you know where to look, but we won’t divulge that information here.

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