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Gaming Anniversaries June 21- Kung Fu

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Released June 21, 1985- Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu was released in Japan on this day in 1985. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Kung Fu is loosely based on the Jackie Chan film “Wheels on Meals” and its Japanese name was “Spartan X”. It was released as somewhat of a tie-in game to the movie. Although the game does not reflect instances in the movie, whatsoever. By DataEast, makers of other fine video games.

Players play as Thomas, the Kung Fu Master who must fight his way through five increasingly difficult levels of “The Devils Temple” in order to rescue his girlfriend. As Thomas progresses, he finds more and more enemies, such as Grippers who will zap his energy and Tom Toms who will somersault and attack Thomas with great strength. Additionally, on even number levels 2 and 4, the player must avoid snakes and dangerous moth creatures.

The game was actually received quite well despite being one game most NES players will say to avoid. If you come across this title, be sure to give it a quick look to see for yourself!

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