Gaming Anniversaries September 21- Kirby’s Dream Course

Released September 21, 1994- Kirby’s Dream Course

Kirby’s Dream Course flew into the Japanese market on this day in 94′. For the Super Famicom!

Kirby’s Dream Course takes the beloved Kirby character and plops him into a mini gold type game!

This unique spin on the sport has Kirby rolling around as the ball itself. PLayers will set how hard Kirby is hit, the angle in which he will move and the spin of Kirby. However, unlike other golf games, the player must eliminate all on-screen enemies in order to proceed. Once only one enemy remains, that enemy will become the hole. Kirby can also slow himself down with parasols, or even stop dead in his tracks with the stone power.  Additionally, the more times it takes you to guide Kirby throughout the levels, the lower your score at the end. Just like in real Golf.

The game contains 8 courses with a total of 64 holes to play through. Each one a little tougher than the last. The final level is a face-off against King Dedede himself.

Moreover, the game has a 2-player mode. Where to players can battle against each other playing turn for a turn like a real game of golf. Trying to get your best score is always crucial, so be sure to practice or else have your butt handed to you by the computer, or your friend.

Kirby’s Dream Course enjoys an aggregate score of 77% still to this day. Making it a fairly positive play experience. For those interested in the Kirby franchise, this one is hard to pass up and is sure to be a good laugh for all ages. Just like many other games in the series.


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