Gaming Anniversaries August 20- The Killing Game Show

Released August 20, 1993- The Killing Game Show

The Killing Game Show shot into the Japanese market on this day in 93′. For the Sega Genesis.

The Killing Game Show may not be what you expect! When I heard of The Killing Game, I expected a gritty quiz show like game where there are mass murder and bloody epics taking place.

Instead, the game is more akin to other games like Turrican. The game is a mixture of both Shoot Em Up and PLatformer genres, which actually lends itself together quite nicely.

In The Killing Game Show, the object is to entertain the masses of the future by putting yourself in a mechanical suit and surviving each level. Of which there are many. Winning is the only way to achieve your freedom. It’s that, or die.  To that end, you will be started on the bottom of each level and have to make your way to the top. There is liquid pooling beneath you and if you come into contact with you, you die. Additionally, there are numerous other enemies all trying to kill you. Making the game very challenging, and somewhat addicting to play.

I would say the Killing Game Show is one of the most heart pumping action based games on the Genesis. Each level feels like a solid victory and when you die, you feel a true loss.

Definitely, give The Killing Game Show a try today!

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