Gaming Anniversaries December 19- Kid Icarus

Released December 19, 1986- Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus shone down on the Japanese market on this day in 1986. For the Famicom Disk System!

In Kid Icarus, players will take on the role of the warrior angel Pit, who must stop the evil Medusa from taking over Angel Land. Along the way, The game is a 2D action platformer/ role-playing type game that scrolls up and down and left to right. Pit must traverse a labyrinth of levels facing deadly snakes, the Grim Reaper and even befriend God himself.

Throughout each level, Pit must obtain a quota of hearts. These hearts will act as points, but also as a type of currency. Players can spend hearts at the hidden stores throughout the game. In the original Japanese version, players could use the second controller to yell at the Black Market shop dealer to get him to reduce his prices. however, he may get upset that you asked and in turn raise his prices. Unfortunately, this feature does not exist in the English version of the game.  At the end of each level, your total score is converted into experience points. Getting enough of them will increase your overall health.

In addition to the hidden shops, Pit may enter a room that tests your mettle, asking you to carefully select jars to open for a prize, or to defeat enemies for more hearts. Furthermore, God may appear and ask that you complete a challenge.

Of course, it’s not all about hidden rooms and shops, there are also vicious enemies. Such as the Eggplant wizard who will turn you into a running Eggplant if you’re not careful. When this happens, players are forced to run into the hospital room to heal and try it all over again.

Kid Icarus is a tough bastard of a game, but it has no shortage of fun and interesting quirks.

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