Gaming Anniversaries June 27- Time Crisis

Released June 27, 1997- Time Crisis

The first Time Crisis game came out on this day in 1997 for the Japanese market. On the PlayStation System and bundled with the GunCon light gun.

Taking place in the fictional Republic of Sercia, a coup has overthrown the tyrant Garo family who ruled the country. This lead to a new election. However, the tyrant family had one member left alive. Who kidnaps the newly elected Presidents daughter, and makes ransom demands of classified military secrets in exchange for her life. The VSEE an intelligence service sends in the highly trained Richard Miller to save her.

The game’s premise is quite interesting and has almost a Metal Gear Solid type fell, however, the gameplay is totally different. more akin to the Virtua Cop series found in arcades. Players will use the bundled GunCon light gun to take out enemies one by one until a certain number is defeated in each stage. This will lead to a boss battle and then be moving on to the next round. Additionally, there is a time limit involved. Meaning players only have a certain amount of time to not only take out the enemies, but also the boss. Richard can dive for cover, but this takes time off, penalizing players for taking cover.

Having been ported from the arcade version, Time Crisis on PlayStation includes several new modes. Including a Time Trial mode and a brand new PlayStation exclusive mission. Time Crisis did very well in the arcades, and also did well on the PlayStation leading to several sequels. Most recently, Tiem Crisis 5 was released to the Arcade in 2015. Further, several spin-off games made their way to mobile on iOS and Android phones.

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