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Gaming Anniversaries June 9- James Pond 2

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Released on June 9, 1993- James Pond 2 Codename Robocod

The second adventure in the James Pond’ series. Was released on this day in 1993, to the Japanese market.

James Pond 2 is a direct sequel to the original game. In this one,  James Pond’s Arch nemesis Dr.Maybe has escaped and fled to the North Pole, where he has usurped Santa’s Workshop taking everyone hostage. James Pond’s goal is to free the hostages and retrieve the toys for all the good girls and boys. To that end, each level in the game is themed like a specific toy.

Pond’ is equipped with a robotic suit nicknamed RoboCod as well as a long robotic arm to help him crawl and reach high places. Additionally, there are no weapons in the game. So players must rely on jumping in order to defeat enemies.

Overall, the game’s design helped it to become a fairly popular game. Enjoying releases on several consoles and finally the PSP system.



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