Gaming Anniversaries October 19- I’m Kid Dracula! (Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun!)

Released October 19, 1990- I’m Kid Dracula!

I’m Kid Dracula, aka “Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun!” hit the Japanese market on this day in 1990. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Adding to a pretty long list of games that were never officially released in the North American market. I’m Kid Dracula is a parody of the Castlevania games. In that, you don’t play as a member of the Belmont family but as a young Dracula.

The game is totally bizarre but so much fun to play. Dracula has been woken from his sleep by the evil demon Garamos, Garamos has taken it upon himself to send his own minions through Dracula’s castle. To that end, Kid Dracula must traverse the castle, along with several other locations to stop him. The locations in the game are something else too. Players will travel from the castle to Egypt, in the sky, and even New York City.

Along the way, after each level is completed, Kid Dracula will collect additional new weapons and power-ups. Such as a homing beam, and the ability to transform. Each new weapon will certainly come in handy. Did we mention the bosses? Well, they are completely off the wall ridiculous. In the very first stage, Kid Dracula will face off against a ghost Nazi child. After beating him, his daddy comes along. DADDY NAZI! They will run away crying once defeated. Like a good Nazi should. Additionally, you will do trivia against the Statue of Liberty to test your knowledge on the US and even kill a monstrous chicken!

We mentioned that I’m Kid Dracula! is totally ridiculous right? Well, further to the boss fights, at the end of each stage there are mini-games. Players will select a ladder and kid Dracula will randomly select one of the games to play. Ranging from simple lottery-type games such as Roulette and Ball Drop to a completely strange “panty peek” game where players will guess what color a dancer’s panties are. I’m Kid Dracula has no shortage of surprises for players of all ages.

It’s really sad we never got the game in North America. However, thinking back on everything I’ve just described, it’s pretty obvious why. The game would have required some serious censorship. Luckily for us, some homebrew makers are making reproduction carts with an English translation to play on the original hardware. Not being into that, there are other less scrupulous options available out there!

Seek, find and play this game today. It’s challenging, ridiculous and the perfect little Halloween type jaunt through funny characters and bright animations. Moreover, the music is fantastic. Bumpy and boppy, just as one would expect. In fact, playing the game gives off a children’s game type vibe. But it’s definitely more adult than that.

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