Gaming Anniversaries January 30- Ice Climber

Ice Climber

Released January 30, 1985- Ice Climber

Ice Climber smashed into the Japanese market on this day in 1985. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Ice Climber is a very simple arcade-style platformer. Even by 1985 standards.

The game features one or two players. The characters Nana and Popo, represented as two little 8-bit Inuit. Each one must knock away ice blocks in an effort to climb 8 levels of each mountain. To that end, they’re equipped with a mallet to help them break the ice standing in their way, as well as knock out the various creatures that will try to stop you. There are 32 different mountains in total, each one more difficult than the last. Additionally, at the end of each stage, there is a bonus round. This requires players to collect as much fruit as they can or knock away enemies as they come.

Ice Climber isn’t exactly a fan-favorite in the NES library. However, its still fun and was notably included as one of the 30 games supplied on the NES Classic Edition released in 2016.

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