Gaming Anniversaries May 28’th – Half Minute Hero

Released on May 28’th, 2009- Half Minute Hero

Half Minute Hero, the thirty-second RPG was released on May 28’th, 2009 for the PSP in Japan.

It was released just a few months later for the North American market. Half Minute Hero enjoyed a great deal of success in both markets. Possibly due to its interesting mechanics. The game auto-plays its battles in order to take gamers out of the decision making process.

Players are cast as the hero and tasked by the Goddess of Time to become strong enough in just thirty seconds to destroy the evil threatening the world. Players must use quick judgment and avoid anything unnecessary. Even going into the castle can be detrimental as time doesn’t stop. Additionally, there are five other modes in the game. Each one of them features another thirty-second challenge to play. Play as the Evil Lord, The Princess and other characters along with a 300-second mode.

The success of the title allowed it to be ported to other platforms and new entries to the series were produced later for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

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