Wanna make 20K? Hack a Nintendo Switch

Hack a Nintendo Switch, get 20K

Nintendo wants to stop piracy on its new system in its tracks. The company has announced in conjunction with the Hacker One website a $20,000 US reward to anyone who digs up a flaw in the Switch system. Thats right, if you can hack a Nintendo Switch you can make 20KRewards for finding such exploits vary from $100 with the maximum payout being $20,000 for a full on flaw that allows piracy on its system.

Clearly Nintendo is pretty confident that the switch is secure. However they did something similar with the 3DS to try to prevent piracy.

So far there aren’t many entries. So either folks are more interested in assisting the modding teams than the 20K on offer, or they just cant find any as of yet.

The Wii U took a while for the first exploits that inevitably led to full on piracy on the hardware.

The system has only been out for a little over a month now after all. Only time will tell what will come of it. Much like almost every system in existence, assuredly the switch will be hacked soon enough.




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