Gaming Anniversaries August 14- Golvellius: Valley of Doom

Released August 14, 1988- Golvellius: Valley of Doom

Golvellius: Valley of Doom his the Japanese market on this day in 1988. For the Sega Mark III.

Golvellius is an action adventure game originally developed by Compile for the Japanese MSX. Later, Sega ported it to their Mark III system in Japan in 1988.

The game evokes the styling of The Legend of Zelda. Players must rescue Princess Rena from the clutches of the titular Demon King Golvellius. The game is played in a top down fashion, much like Golden Axe Warrior on the system and The Legend of Zelda.

Players will take on the role of Kelesis, the hero of the story as he tries to make his way through seven hellish worlds. Keeping enemies at bay is a real challenge. Due to the Mark III’s poor hit detection and the sheer number of them. Additionally, there are puzzles scattered pretty well everywhere.

The game switches from a top down adventure to a side scroller whenever Kelesis enters a cave. Awkwardly, whenever players enter a cave, they cannot turn back. Making it very difficult to hit enemies behind you. This is a frustrating experience indeed. Nonetheless, the game went on to become fairly successful for both Compile and Sega. Further, the game hit the iOS market in Japan in the year 2009.

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