Goldeneye 007, as if it was made today.

If you owned a Nintendo 64 in the 90’s, its likely you had Goldeneye 007 and spent countless hours facing off with your friends in 4 player death matches and hiding around corner to shoot them in the face. Well,the games graphics just don’t hold up. Save for the more recently release Goldeneye 007 Reloaded a couple of years ago. (That one doesn’t count) That’s why YouTube User Jude Wilson recreated some of the Facility map using Unreal Engine 4. To give nostalgic gamers a chance to have a look at what once was and what could’ve been.

Funny, I knew a kid who would tape four boxes to his TV so his friends couldn’t cheat, they had to look threw the boxes to play Goldeneye with him. Thank god for online play huh?

Enjoy the video below!

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