Gaming Anniversaries September 22- Ghostbusters

Released September 22, 1996- Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters busted into the Japanese market on this day in 96′. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Ghostbusters is an infamous game. Full confession, I kinda like it.

In Ghostbusters, players will travel around the screen entering buildings that will flash, indicating the presence of ghosts. Once they arrive at the flashing building, the game becomes a driving game. Requiring you to drive along a straight road. You must also dodge crazy drivers and pick up gas cans along the way so you don’t run out!. But don’t forget to first visit the store and pick up some ghost busting supplies!

Once arriving at your destination you must aim your beam carefully to catch ghosts. After a certain time, the “Zuul” building will flash. At that point, you have to enter the Zuul building, enter the driving phase, climb a very long and nearly impossible staircase to finish the game. Only to discover the ending is just the cherry on top of this crap sandwich of a game. I can still admit its an awful game, despite kind of enjoying it.

Ghostbusters on the NES is totally unforgiving and the controls are awkward. Furthermore, the music is an unending loop. However, it is one of the first NES games to include a voice sample from the original movie from 1984. Furthermore, the game received releases on multiple consoles. Even the Atari 2600. With the NES version still being considered the worst one of them all.

Do you have any fond memories of playing Ghostbusters? Let us know down below!

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