Gaming Anniversaries November 15- Retro Game Challenge! (Game Center CX)

Released November 15, 2007- Retro Game Challenge!

Retro Game Challenge is also known as Game Center CX and was released in the Japanese market on this day in 2007! For the Nintendo DS.

Game Center CX is a hilarious and fun to watch Japanese TV-show about a guy who aims to become the worlds best retro-game player. He takes on different games every week. Sometimes he fails miserably, and other times he beats them skillfully. However, he always tries his hardest. The video game adaptation of that puts you in the seat of Arino. (Known on the show as “kacho” or chief) As he takes on the games of his past. With an added twist, you must complete the game’s challenges. Each game will have different challenges including simple ones like finishing a race or reaching a level. Some will be much harder.

The best part of the game, each different game is a faithful recreation of a game you may have already played during the NES era. You’ll play games such as Cosmic Gate which recreates Galaga and Gaudia Quest, a recreation of Dragon Warrior. What’s more, is that each one is just as fun to play as the originals. You won’t have to fight the good fight alone either. On Arino’s bookshelf, there is classic style video game magazines. Each one with hints and tips on how to beat your challenges. The game is truly a recreation of living the life of a Japanese gamer in the 1980’s.

Poor Sales for a Great Game

Unfortunately, Retro Game Challenge is a little on the rare side. Outside of eBay, I haven’t been able to find a copy of this great gem locally. This is probably because it sold less than 100,000 copies in the North American market. There is also a sequel, but due to the low sales of the first, it wasn’t deemed viable to translate.

Have you played Retro Game Challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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