Gaming Anniversaries May 4- Red Dead Revolver

Released May 4, 2004- Red Dead Revolver

Released in North America on May 4’th, 2004 by Rockstar San Diego. Red Dead Revolver.

The game was originally created by Capcom and later purchased by RockStar San Diego. Rockstar made several changes to the original concept and later published the game as a Spaghetti Western. Even using scores from films of the same genre.

When Red Dead Revolver first came to the original Xbox console in 2004. There was no other like it. The game took place in the 1880’s West. You played as prospecting partners Nate and Griff who just struck gold in Bear Mountain and decide to celebrate by buying two unique revolvers.

The pair later finds themselves in some trouble with the Mexican Army and one of them is killed as a result. His son Red finds the gun. Thus beginning the game.

Being very well received upon release allowed Rockstar San Diego to enjoy massive success. Thusly, many titles by the same name were produced. The latest in the series is due to come this fall and is entitled Red Dead Redemption 2.



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