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Gaming Anniversaries May 18 – Castle Quest

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Released May 18’th, 1990 – Castle Quest

Castle Quest graced the Nintendo Famicom on May 18’th of 1990.

Produced by Hudson Soft for the Famicom in Japan. It was a very interesting game. Taking elements of both Chess and Strategy RPG games. Players get just one move at a time with the aim of capturing the opponents, King.

Unlike Chess, however, Castlequest features a great deal of different “pieces” such as wizards, ninjas, and even dragons. Each coming with their own set of skills and attributes. All differing in their health, defense, and attack power. Additionally, when you approach an enemy piece, a card-based fight occurs, kind of like rolling a dice. Each card is numbered 1-10 and determines the speed and strength of your attacks.

Castle Quest was never released in North America. Which is a shame because it’s a pretty fun game. Fans later translated the game to English. It can be found and played online of course. Instead, the game known as Castle Quest in North America is an entirely different game, developed by ASCII and published by Nexon Software. This game features an adventure and puzzle hybrid. Players move around mazes collecting items and keys and weapons to open doors and defeat enemies.


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