Gaming Anniversaries June 11- Mario Golf

Released on June 11, 1999- Mario Golf

Mario Golf came to the Nintendo 64 system in the Japanese Market on this day in 1999.

The first installment in the Mario Golf series appeared on store shelves on June 11’th, 1999. It is credited with being the first game in the Mario Sports series of games featuring the iconic Nintendo characters.

Mario Golf combines traditional golf game mechanics with a more cartoony and very Nintendo feel. Players could choose from a roster of classic characters from the Mario franchise. Including Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi and Princess Peach and a slew of others. Additionally, some hazards found in the game are from the Mario universe as well.

The game also features several game modes such as mini golf and a “ring shot” mode. In Ring Shot mode, players shoot the ball through specific rings while finishing with par or better. Moreover, the game’s GameBoy color release allowed the two versions of the game to “speak” to each other using the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak. Allowing players to choose from several more characters featured only in the GBC version.

The game went on to sell over 1.5 million copies worldwide, allowing for the continued creation of games in the franchise with the most recent being Mario Golf World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS.

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