Gaming Anniversaries June 1- Paperboy 2

Released on June 1, 1992- Paperboy 2

Coming to the Nintendo Gameboy on June 1 of 1992 in North America, Paperboy 2.

Developed by Atari (Tengen), Paperboy was hugely successful. It was one of those games everyone played. Because of this, there was a port of the game on most home systems.

The game had you playing as a Paperboy (or girl) who’s main objective was to keep customers happy by flinging papers at their door and avoiding hitting them. Additionally, a random and strange assortment of obstacles is in the way. Such as tires, haunted houses, dogs, and cars. Moreover, some additional objectives are interspersed between the levels that will lead to Paperboy becoming more famous. Name on the first page of the paper and all! All of this allowed the Paperboy franchise to become a near phenomenon. Almost no one doesn’t know the game, Paperboy, and most folks remember it fondly.



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